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If you’re thinking of starting a sharing relationship with your friends or neighbors, it can be good to start the discussion well-informed of the legal repercussions of sharing property, time or other resources. In our book we provide many sample worksheets and legal agreements for every different aspect of life that you might want to share, from cars to babysitting. Sometimes sharing works better if you write down all the legal details of the situation in black and white. Good luck in your sharing adventure!

Sample Agreements for Sharing:

Here are a few samples from The Sharing Solution–use, share and enjoy! For a complete collection of worksheets and agreements for every aspect of sharing in your life, see Apendix B of the Sharing Solution book.

Sample Car Sharing Agreement

Sample Ride Sharing Agreement

Sample Yard Sharing Agreement

Sample Office Sharing Agreement

Sample Babysitting Cooperative Agreement


20 Questions to Discussion When You Share

Questionnaire for Co-owners of a Home or Duplex

More Info:

Holding Title to Shared Real Estate

For Fun

Sharing Recipe Cards

For a little inspiration, download and print out these helpful hints. Give them to your friends to get them excited about sharing!
Click here to download the Sharing Solution Recipe Cards!