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Sample Agreements for Sharing
October 13, 2012 – 9:31 pm | Comments Off
Sample Agreements for Sharing

Sample Car Sharing Agreement
Share a car with a friend or neighbor! Click here for a sample agreement you can use to manage the terms of your co-ownership and shared use.
Sample Ride Sharing Agreement
Here’s an agreement …

How to Start a Neighborhood Work Group
October 13, 2012 – 8:44 pm | Comments Off
How to Start a Neighborhood Work Group

Q: My house needs a lot of work, but I just don’t have the time or skills. Is sharing work with neighbors a solution? How can I can do that?

A: I grew up a city girl, …

Holding Title to Shared Property
October 10, 2012 – 8:50 pm | Comments Off
Holding Title to Shared Property

Tenancy in Common (TIC)
When you own property as tenants in common (TIC), you each own an undivided share. For example, if you own a duplex with another person as tenants in common, you each own …

Sample Babysitting Cooperative Agreement
October 1, 2012 – 3:21 pm | Comments Off
Sample Babysitting Cooperative Agreement

A community babysitting cooperative often refers to an arrangement in which families share child care without any money changing hands. Instead, the care itself is the currency of exchange. For example, in many babysitting cooperatives, …

Sharing in Every Realm of Life
April 13, 2009 – 10:14 pm | Comments Off

There are ways to incorporate sharing into almost every realm of life. Here’s a sampling of ways to share:
Find a friend or a neighbor who would like to share a car and make a …