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Share Spray: A New Way to Do Everything

Submitted by on October 13, 2012 – 9:56 pmNo Comments
Last year, an inspiring and creative friend, Rebecca Valentine of Share Exchange, handed me a bottle of something she called “share spray.”  It was a lovely rose water spray which – as the label indicated – has the effect of inspiring kindness and sharing in the people that come into contact with it.
The bottle of share spray inspired something else: Now, the Sharing Solution and the Center for a New American Dream have launched a new 5-minute animation: Share Spray — A New Way To Do EverythingWith creativity, charm, and a bit of fun, Share Spray explores how sharing could transform our lives and neighborhoods.
We’ve been working on this project for many months, and we are so proud of final product. Check out Share Spray by clicking on the video below — We think you’ll like it!
Then, please help us spread the word. By taking a moment to share the video with your networks, you will help move the sharing economy forward.

Thank you so much! We hope you enjoy Share Spray… May sharing truly be the new way to do everything! :)

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