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Sample Agreements for Sharing

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Sample Car Sharing Agreement

Share a car with a friend or neighbor! Click here for a sample agreement you can use to manage the terms of your co-ownership and shared use.


Sample Ride Sharing Agreement

Here’s an agreement you can use to make sure that members of your carpool group are on the same page about responsibilities, shared costs, insurance, and so on.


Sample Yard Sharing Agreement

If you have a good relationship with your neighbor and you both own your homes (or have the blessing of your landlords), you can expand your yard space by taking down the fence between your yard and your neighbor’s.  Here’s a sample agreement you can use for your yard sharing arrangement.

Sample Office Sharing Agreement

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs use commercial space to house their operations, and sharing these work spaces is often a smart business decision.  And, once you start sharing space with others, it will be much easier to start other types of sharing, like tools, storage space, subscriptions, or employees.


Sample Babysitting Cooperative Agreement

A community babysitting cooperative often refers to an arrangement in which families share child care without any money changing hands. Instead, the care itself is the currency of exchange. For example, in many babysitting cooperatives, families earn points for providing care and spend points on care for their own kids. Points are typically assigned to each half hour or hour of care.

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