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Sharing Ideas from Bioneers, Part 4: Slow Homes

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On Tuesday, Shareable.net posted my article about “Slow Homes,” and we’ve already received interesting comments and additional ideas. Here are more ideas that may or may not have made it into the article. All of these were collected at this year’s Bioneers Conference, where we asked attendees to brainstorm answers to the question of “What is a Slow Homes Movement?” Here’s what they wrote down:

* No more houses that are giant storage units for too much STUFF
* Simple mobile structures
* Eliminate divide between indoors/outdoors. Build outdoor kitchens, living spaces, and gathering spaces.
* State where we are; work with what we have. Transform pre-existing structures, remove asphalt, and retrofit our urban spaces to build ecovillages.
* Creating jobs for green builders artisans, and people who really care about the craft of building
* Access to land is a basic human right
* Building in place with on-site materials and appropriate technology
* Designing homes that get us outside and doing permaculture
* Homes that can adapt over time (Moveable walls, etc) “LivecycleBuilding.org”
* Reading the fine print, understanding the meaning and consequences of the loan and purchase documents we sign. Making informed choices. SLOW choices.
* Creating our homes, not just buying mass-produced cookie-cutter homes.
* Building with local materials, non-toxic, renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials
* No more “Buy and Flip!”
* Homes are not stock markets. No more “flippin’ it,” and investing in bigger and bigger homes. Slow down. Put down roots.
* Lots of campgrounds for longer-term living in mobile structures
* Design of communities to facilitate open space preservation
* Investing in lifestyle, not just houses
* No more billboards (especially lighted)
* Take your time for LUNCH!
* Removing land and homes from the market, preserving them for the commons; ensuring long-term affordability; limited equity housing
* Finance that does not come from big evil lenders. (Citibank = Boooo!)
* Tasting our homes, savoring our homes, experiencing our homes, breathing our homes, loving our homes, sharing our homes.
* Creating a space for solitude, sanctuary, stillness – an uninterrupted place to dream
* Bau-biologie
* Combining residential and commercial spaces to facilitate walkable communities, and allow people to work near home. Fosters local economy.
* Designing homes that foster interaction, sharing, community, and connection among residents
* Homes that inspire creativity, beauty, and joyful activities. Aesthetically pleasing, brings pleasure to the senses.
* Barn raising!
* Slow water!
* Homes that encourage slow food, slow water, slow everything!
* Home as a conduit for relationship. Home as a place that connects us to Earth and people.
* Housing integrated with smart transportation, bus routes, bike sharing, car sharing, and no more laws requiring 2.3 parking spots per household.
* More hostels and networks of simple housing for people who travel
* Home ownership and stewardship based in permaculture and whole systems ethics and principles

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