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Grocery Shopping in the Age of Sharing

Submitted by on November 4, 2009 – 6:39 pm2 Comments
Cooperative grocery shelves

Cooperative grocery shelves

EcoSalon posted a nice piece today: “Sharing: It’s not just nice, it’s necessary.”  I love the “rundown of the 15 coolest sharing concepts.”

Coincidentally, I know the journalist who wrote the piece, Vanessa Barrington, because we are both members of the same cooperative grocery, The COG.  She mentioned the value of the relationships she has developed with other co-op members, and I feel the same way!  I love that we have turned our grocery shopping experience into more than just a trip to a big store.  It really has become a place where community develops.  Plus, we have serious fun.

Tomorrow, I have my regular two hour work shift at the COG, which I usually spend stocking shelves (good upper-body workout, which is not something that I get in my lawyer line of work).  We have a tradition of having a quick dinner party during my shift. We take turns bringing a meal, usually from a local cooperative, like Arizmendi. Tomorrow, also coincidentally, we’ll be eating falafel from the same Liba falafel truck that Vanessa mentioned in her EcoSalon article.

And then there are the monthly food tastings, cooking classes, and/or potlucks.  Last month we had a massive cheese tasting party, including a cheese-making demonstration, poetry about cheese, and a cheese quiz game called “Jeopar-Cheese!”  This Sunday I’ll be back at the COG for a potluck and some live “West Coast Mardi Gras” music.  Anyone is invited!  Bring a dish to share and I’ll see you there!