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Car Sharing on Campus: A Natural Fit for Chico State and Others

Submitted by on August 26, 2009 – 7:12 pmNo Comments

California State University at Chico announced this week that students, faculty, and staff will soon be able to participate in car sharing through a new partnership withZipcar. Participants will pay a small initial membership fee and then have access to the five cars on campus for an hourly rate of $8 ($66 for the day).

Car sharing is a natural for college campuses. Often, students and faculty have little need for a car, either because the campus is situated within walking distance of stores and services or because it’s fairly remote and self-contained. The expense of car payments, insurance, and parking is just not worth it for many–but a car does come in handy sometimes, and car sharing is perfect for those times. Not to mention it helps the campuses contribute to a more sustainable world, one of CSU Chico’s stated reason for starting the program.

Zipcar says it has programs on 120 college campuses across the country and I imagine that will only grow.

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