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Trade Ya! My Tractor for Your Alpaca

Submitted by on August 7, 2009 – 2:52 pmNo Comments

I don’t even know where to begin. There has been an explosion of new websites where people can trade, borrow, lend, share, and barter all kinds of stuff and services. I started to browse them tonight, landing first on BarterQuest, where you can post things that you have and things that you want, and look for a suitable exchange. I clicked the first category of goods, “Agriculture,” and much to my delight, the first barter offer that I saw was for alpacas! I think it would be wonderful to raise alpacas, for many reasons. The listing offered to trade an alpaca for a 40 horsepower tractor with a backhoe attachment. Darn! I don’t have a tractor to trade.
But my disappointment faded as I explored deeper into other swap and barter sites. I’m especially thrilled to know about Neighborrow, where you can create “Neighborrow-hoods” and borrow and lend items with people who live near you. Probably no one in my neighborhood will lend me an alpaca, but that’s ok.
Next, I explored:

PriorAttire, where you can trade in children’s and teens’ clothing

Swap Baby Goods, which includes baby clothes and other gear, like strollers and toys.

Zwaggle, where you can share, trade, and swap kids gear, and receive redeemable points (or “zoints,” as Zwaggle calls it).

SwitchPlanet for trading DVDs and Books

Swap a DVD, an “Online Movie Club”

SwapStyle, a “fashion-savvy website is for women who want to keep their wardrobes fresh and stylish, without the large price tags.”

Add to this list sites I discussed in a prior blog post, including SwapTree and LendAround.
There are plenty of other exciting websites to discuss, including sites that go beyond simple trades, and foster deeper community-building at the neighborhood level. I’ll have to blog about these another time, but in the meantime, take a look at rBlock and Bright Neighbor.

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