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Cash-Strapped States Find Sharing Is One Solution

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Once in a while, someone hears about The Sharing Solution and says, “That’s SO California!” To the contrary, sharing is catching on all over the place, as the New York Times reports in an article about sharing between state and local governments. Minnesota and Wisconsin, for example, are sharing everything from fish to sign language interpreters, saving up to $20 million over the next two years, as demonstrated in the Wisconsin Minnesota Collaboration Report.

Other states are sharing, too. In New Jersey, one county closed its juvenile detention facility, saving millions, and sent the detainees to a neighboring county. In Missouri and Pennsylvania, cities and boroughs voted to consolidate into other counties or towns to save money on services that otherwise would be duplicated. As the economy continues to struggle, we feel sure more and more people, organizations, and entities will catch on to the sharing solution

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