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A Mouthwatering Day of Sharing

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To be completely honest, while my enthusiasm for sharing is motivated in part by my desire to create a better world, it’s also driven in large part my by passion for FOOD. I can’t even begin to talk about how much I love food, but I will talk about this past Sunday, which was a perfect example of how my sharing habits — whether planned or spontaneous — keep me very well-fed.

I started the day by making a hot breakfast for my partner and housemate. My housemate washed all the dishes, which felt like a perfect deal to me! (Doing dishesfeels like the complete anticlimax to a great meal, doesn’t it?) Meanwhile, I made some nori wraps in preparation for an afternoon hike and picnic. Having a surplus of ingredients, I made seven wraps — enough to deliver a surprise lunch to my three neighbors. When I delivered the wraps, my neighbors greeted me with a luxurious treat: a pot of steamed oysters on the half shell, leftover from their Saturday night dinner! I took them home and stored them in the fridge, knowing they would be perfect for the second meal of the day, which, for me, is not lunch, but “second breakfast“.

My partner and I then set about our morning project of pruning our neighbor’s apricot tree. The prior weekend we had taken a tree-pruning class and were anxious to practice our new skills. Having eaten 50+ apricots from our neighbor’s tree last summer, we were familiar with the tree and knew it needed work. Fortunately, our neighbors had no objection to the offer for free tree work. For our task, we required a pair of very large lopping shears, which we conveniently borrowed from the Berkeley Tool Lending Library, one of my all-time favorite sharing institutions.

The pruning project left us a bit of an appetite, so we warmed up the oysters and had a delicious snack. We then left the house and met up with a friend for the afternoon hike. Our friend brought some tangerines, yummy honey-curried kale, and triple chocolate cookies on the picnic, which we all enjoyed in addition to my wraps. In the evening, we all made a big Greek salad and went to another friend’s house for a potluck gathering. It was a well-planned potluck, where everyone was assigned a course to bring (as opposed to one of those potlucks where everyone, coincidentally, brings lasagna). And for dessert, we had the choice of cheese cake, chocolate cream pie, and/or cinnamon bread. I chose “and”. Mmmm, I love sharing!

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